We’ve known the teams for a while now, but the order wasn’t revealed until Wednesday, April 23, 2014.  Here’s a look at the 2014 schedule for YOUR New York Jets!!

Week 1:   Sept 7th vs Raiders 1pm EST

Week 2:   Sept 14th at Green Bay 4:25pm EST

Week 3:   Sept 22nd vs Bears 8:25pm EST *Monday Night

Week 4:   Sept 28th vs Lions 1pm EST

Week 5:   Oct 5th at San Diego 4:25pm EST

Week 6:   Oct 12th vs Broncos 1pm EST

Week 7:   Oct 16th at New England 8:25pm EST *Thursday Night

Week 8:   Oct 26th vs Bills 1pm EST

Week 9:   Nov 2nd at Kansas City 1pm EST

Week 10: Nov 9th vs Steelers 1pm EST

Week 11: Nov 16 BYE

Week 12: Nov 23rd at Buffalo 1pm EST

Week 13: Dec 1st vs Dolphins 8:30pm EST *Monday Night

Week 14: Dec 7th at Minnesota 1pm EST

Week 15: Dec 14th at Tennessee 4:05pm EST

Week 16: Dec 21st vs Patriots 1pm EST

Week 17: Dec 28th at Miami 1pm EST


-Joseph Haas Editor, HCoftheNYJ.com

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