Last season, we watched Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow & Greg McElroy “compete” for the starting job, even though we all knew the outcome.  Mark Sanchez was deemed the starter, and the rest was another painful season in New York Jets history.  The 2013 season will have a similar start as 2012, with a QB competition.  The outcome may not be as predetermined as the year prior, with challengers like David Garrard & rookie Geno Smith looking for snaps under center for the Green & White.

Not many give Matt Simms or Greg McElroy much of a chance at winning the starting job, but they’ll have their chance to impress coaches.  They can solidify backup roles on the Jets, or help their chances of landing on another team’s roster.  Greg McElroy saw some game-action last season, initially subbing in for an ineffective Mark Sanchez in a 7-6 win over the lowly Arizona Cardinals in a WEEK 13 matchup at MetLife Stadium.

Over the first three quarters of the game, Sanchez completed ten passes to his teammates and three passes to his opponents before being pulled for McElroy, to the approval of the MetLife faithful.  He’d get his first NFL start in a 27-17 loss against the San Diego Chargers in WEEK 16, where he was sacked 11 times, leaving the battered signal-caller unable to make the start in the team’s final game of the year against the Bills (a 28-9 loss).  Sanchez closed out that game, the season… and possibly his Jets career as a starter with a 17 of 35 for 205 yard performance (and one interception).

Sanchez is saying all the right things, and appears to be embracing the role of “competitor” for the starting job, but we heard all the right things last season… and we all remember what happened when Tim Tebow arrived?  David Garrard and Geno Smith will provide the challenge Tebow was unable to in 2012. Will Mark Sanchez, David Garrard or Geno Smith provide the effectiveness needed at the QB position to win more than six games in 2013?  Can Geno Smith acclimate himself enough to the pro-style/west coast offense to challenge Sanchez or Garrard for snaps… or will he be sacked by a slow learning curve and an inability to adjust?  Some questioned his personality, labeling him a diva of sorts.  Geno Smith is the only one who can change perceptions of Geno Smith!  Go out there and perform, be humble… and praise will be heaped upon thou!


***David Garrard & The New York Jets began the process of parting ways May 15, 2013; a five-man competition now down to four as Garrard prepares to retire.***

-Joseph Haas Editor,

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