The cat’s outta the bag… the horse has left the barn… no matter how you slice it, the word on the street is the New York Jets are looking to trade Darrelle Revis.  What was once a horribly kept secret around Florham Park is now the opening line during an introduction with any member of the team’s front office: “Good Morning, welcome to Florham Park, home of the New York Jets… can we interest you in a cornerback…?”  Now I may be exaggerating a bit, but it’s become increasing clear to me that the Jets are looking to part ways with the all-world defensive back.


With him still being on the roster this past Saturday at 4pm, the team was forced to pay Darrelle Revis a bonus of one million dollars.  Now that may be small potatoes for an NFL franchise, but for a team pinching pennies, every penny counts.  I don’t believe the Jets holding onto the CB, and paying that one million dollar bonus, means anything in the grand scheme of his longevity with the team.  When Revis Island moves on, the team will need to do all it can to successfully mitigate the loss.  It was good to see the front office make a smart decision, and not deal Revis away haphazardly.  The Jets can still come out a winner in all this, and holding onto their last real chip is a smart play.


It’s not all doom and gloom around the Green and White, there are some positives.  David Garrard has been signed to bring depth to the quarterback position for next season, and possibly challenge Mark Sanchez for the starting job.  Tim Tebow, the last QB brought in to “challenge” Sanchez for the starting job, is still on the roster.  It’s been widely speculated that Tebow will be released during the offseason by the Jets, but it has yet to happen.  The Jets would love to trade Tebow, but can’t seem to find a team willing to trade for the incredibly popular quarterback.  Once released, Tebow could land in his home state of Florida!  No, Ryan Tannehill seems safe in Miami and Jacksonville… well who knows what’s going on in Jacksonville.  No, it’s not the NFL, but the AFL that will come calling.  Brett Bouchy, owner of the Arena Football League’s Orlando Predators has been quoted as saying “… we’d love to have him,” and that Tebow would, “definitely improve as a quarterback in our league.”  Mr. Bouchy seems quite serious, saying “whenever Tim is willing, we have a contract waiting for him to sign.”  It’s always good to feel wanted… especially after what he went through in 2012 (yeah, I just remembered the pass bouncing off his helmet too!).


One of the team’s great finds last season, fullback Lex Hilliard, has resigned with the Jets.  Hilliard was, in my opinion, one of the bright spots during the 2012 campaign that went largely underreported.  Nick Folk, who was challenged by veteran place-kicker Josh Brown for his job last season, has also resigned with the Jets after dipping his toes into the free-agency hot tub for a few days.  These moves won’t get the publicity the departures of Keller, Landry or DeVito received, but keeping the primary blocking back and place kicker ARE solid moves.


To illustrate that the arrow above the door at the team’s headquarters in Florham Park didn’t just point in one direction, the Jets signed free agents: Michael Goodson, Willie Colon and Antonio Garay.  Primarily a third down back in Oakland, Goodson will be asked to carry the load in New York.  His skills as a third down back will come in handy as the Jets shift to the West Coast offense under new OC Marty Mornhinweg.  With a three-year and $6.9 million deal, the Jets get a starter at a price they can afford while giving Goosdon the opportunity to be an every-down back.  Signing Colon at one-year and $1.2 million gives the team some depth at guard as both Matt Slauson and Brandon Moore are free agents.  Colon is a proven commodity, playing eight solid seasons for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Garay leaves the Chargers and signs a one-year deal to bring his 6’4” and 320 pounds cross-country to bolster a pass rush that has been less than impressive.  He’ll join Kendrick Ellis and Damon Harrison on the defense’s front line, but something tells me neither of them will join in on Garay’s colorful hairstyles.


-Joseph Haas Editor,


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