The 2013 season will be a trying one for fans of the New York Jets.  The team is in a clear rebuilding phase and some see Head Coach Rex Ryan as a lame-duck.  The preseason will involve heavy player evaluation and the selection of a QB to man the ship until reinforcements arrive.  As far as travel is concerned, the team catches a real break, only having to leave the friendly confines of MetLife Stadium once.  The first preseason game takes Gang Green on the road to beautiful Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan to take on Megatron and the Lions.

The new secondary will be challenged right out of the gates by the big arm of Matthew Stafford.  That’s the bad news.  The good news, they’ll probably see Stafford for a quarter (maybe less).  It’ll be the first opportunity for us to see the Jets running the west coast offense, with both David Garrard and Mark Sanchez under center.  Unless the Jets make another move at QB (either free agency, trade or the draft) Garrard and Sanchez will battle for the starting position.  Tim Tebow is still on the roster… will he be by the start of the preseason?

Could Tebow visit the Jets in their second preseason game, as the Jacksonville Jaguars make their way north to MetLife?  It’s hard to tell which team has the least-promising outlook for the 2013 season, as both are projected to be cellar-dwellers in their respective divisions.  Personally, I’m still waiting on all that cool looking LA Jags gear the team will be rolling out… wait…, oh, still in Jacksonville (gotcha).

The third game of the preseason (which is the same every year) is a tussle against the co-tenant New York Giants.  No postseason for the men in blue last year, so they’ll be coming out the gate looking to work the offense like a well-oiled machine… with two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning in the driver’s seat.  The starters will see the most action they will all preseason in this game; plus we’ll have our chance to see the team Idzik, Rex and the gang plan to take into battle in 2013.

It’s a quick turnaround from game three to Thursday’s game four, as the Philadelphia Eagles roll into MetLife Stadium.  The final preseason game of the year is pretty much a glorified walk thru.  Starters will play a drive or two and exit for those who may not play another game all season.  I’ll be excited to see what Chip Kelly brings to the NFL.  The bright side to game four is that we’ll get our chance to see Greg McElroy put on his annual preseason show.  There’s nowhere to go but up from here.

-Joseph Haas Editor,

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