We’ve all had this happen at one point or another.  You’re looking for one thing, and find something else that opens your eyes.  While doing research for a story on the holdup in the Revis/Bucs expected deal, ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio uncovered a tasty nugget that lit up the blogosphere.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have surplus cap space, but I never imagined it would be used in this way.  Mark Sanchez?  His $8.25 million guaranteed contract inhibits the Jets from cutting him outright and eating the cash against their salary cap.  Could they possibly move him to the Bucs with Revis?  A “source with knowledge of the situation” whispered the following Florio’s way, which he included in his article:


The discussions between the Jets and Bucs have included the possibility of the Buccaneers assuming the contract of quarterback Mark Sanchez.


Mike Florio appeared on a sports radio station in New York City to discuss the article further.  Florio discussed possible tampering, and what he’s implied from how the negotiations between all parties have developed.  His conclusions on Revis and the Jets are pretty straight-forward, “… they want to trade Revis… and the Bucs are the only (suitor).”

The discussion went from how badly the Bucs wanted Revis, to how bad the Jets could be without Sanchez.  When asked by Don La Greca (ESPN New York) how bad the team had to be for things to change, Florio took the conversation in a completely different direction.  Florio “doesn’t think Rex will be back in 2014,” then suggested recently-hired general manager John Idzik not get too comfy in his new office.  Wow!

After listening to Florio’s rationale, I tend to agree with him.  If having a GM in place means the Jets won’t land former coaches like Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher if they’re interested, then yes, why not remove a first year GM.  I’m not saying he’d deserve it, not all.  One year is too short a time period to evaluate any executive, but it also can’t be an impediment to the franchise moving forward with a proven commodity.  This team has had three offensive coordinators in three years… could we see the same trend at GM if one of the big names on the market expresses interest?  This Revis Situation has more twists and turns than a locker room full offensive lineman doing the Harlem Shake.

-Joseph Haas Editor, HCoftheNYJ.com

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