The 2013 NFL Draft not far in the rear-view mirror, but the New York Jets made a roster move to start the first full week of the Geno Smith Era… cutting QB Tim Tebow.  It was a move long anticipated, and finally culminated.  The rarely used “fourth-down QB” is available for any of 31 NFL teams to sign, but that seems highly unlikely.


Tim Tebow in New York never worked, not just because he barely saw the field, but because he couldn’t do what he was asked to do (supplement the offense as the Wild Cat QB).  Putting on the extra weight and attempting to become special teams weapon was a strategy doomed for failure.  The dual-QB system on offense always looked forced, never fluid, and neither seemed comfortable… ever!


A year on the Jets roster has seriously devalued the former Denver Broncos starter, but as always, he’ll be determined to prove everyone wrong and land somewhere as a signal-caller.  Will the landing spot be in the NFL?  Some in popular media, including ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, have reintroduced the “Tebow should play in the CFL” conversation.  I believe it should be an option, but not his first option.  In a league where a third of the QBs that start the season won’t finish it, Tebow may have an outside chance at cracking a roster.


As for the New York Jets, it’s full-steam ahead with rookie mini camp fast approaching and handful of quarterbacks to sort though!  Mark Sanchez, David Garrard and yes, Geno Smith, have the best chances at starting as we get closer to camp, but each will know the other is one snap away from calling the plays.


 -Joseph Haas Editor,

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