On Sunday, the New York Jets made official what we’ve all speculated since Darrelle Revis went down in WEEK 3 against the Miami Dolphins with an ACL tear… we’d seen him play his last game in Green & White.  The Jets traded the recovering cornerback to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a first round draft pick in this Thursday’s NFL Draft, and a conditional third round pick in 2014.  In Sal Paolantonio’s opinion, the Bucs “stole him…,” and it’s hard to disagree with that considering the compensation.  If Revis isn’t on the Bucs roster next year at this time, the Jets receive a fourth round pick in 2014 instead of the third rounder.  After signing a six year and $96 million contract with ZERO guaranteed money, Revis Island will do everything he can to stay afloat by the bay!


It hasn’t taken long for Revis to feel comfortable in his new surroundings, even though he may be “feeling some kinda way” about how the entire trade situation came about.  The Jets maintain they weren’t shopping Revis, with Rex assuring everyone he hadn’t spoken to anyone about trading the recovering Pro Bowler.  In an earlier interview with Andrea Kremer, Revis seemed more hurt than anything else.  He will have an opportunity to get back at his old team in WEEK 1, when Revis and the Bucs head to MetLife Stadium for the opener.   “It’s gonna be fun… I’m excited about it,” he replied when asked about the first-week reunion with his former teammates.     


New GM John Idzik continues to sing the company line even after Revis is long gone, maintaining it was “never our intent to proactively go out and shop Darrelle…,” which I just can’t believe.  Actively or passively, the Jets got the job done, and moved a player they couldn’t re-sign for picks they can use now.  The Jets have their own (ninth overall) pick and the thirteenth overall pick from the Bucs in this year’s draft.  I can’t wait to see if the team decides to package picks and move up, or collect picks and move down.


Mel Kiper, Jr. feels the Jets are “a glorified expansion team” and should “tear it down and build it back up;” but where does that leave their head coach, who’s fighting against the current to keep his job?  Sal Paolantonio believes “it’s gonna be difficult” for the Jets to win eight or more games, and won’t go into “that level of speculation” when it comes to Rex Ryan keeping his job past this season.  Rex has a team that’s rebuilding around him while he’s charged with guiding the ship toward a winning season, or find himself on the outside looking in after WEEK 17 against the Dolphins.     


Getting back to Monday, Darrelle Revis was introduced as the newest member of the Bucs during the day, and that night, he threw the ceremonial first pitch (video below) at the Tampa Bay Rays game.  Ironically enough, the New York Yankees were in town to play the Rays that night.  By the way, theirs no truth to the rumor that Revis threw the ball… then intercepted the baseball before it made it to the catcher.


-Joseph Haas Editor, HCoftheNYJ.com

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