To start this work week, members of the New York Jets brain trust (general manager John Idzik and head coach Rex Ryan) participated in a conference call with season ticket holders.  These diehards were allowed to ask questions of the team’s brass, and probe for answers to some of the questions we all have.  For the GM and head coach, it was another opportunity to get the organization’s message out there on the ‘Revis Situation’ and the team’s competition at quarterback.

Reports of David Garrard and Brady Quinn joining Tim Tebow and Greg McElroy in a competition for the starter’s role, currently (and very tenuously) held by Mark Sanchez, shifted the conversation towards free agency, as well as Tebow’s place with  the green and white.  “Tim in currently on the roster,” answers Idzik, “…we’re trying to increase competition at that position and at positions across the board.  We’re going to let the competition play out…,” continues the Jets GM.  I am all for competition, but can Garrard and Quinn come in and play if they have to?  If one proves to have what it takes to be the starter in 2013, can that player make it all sixteen games?  Will that player have what it takes to lead this group through a tumultuous 2013?  I not convinced; I’m sure we will see more names thrown around before the QB position has a clear number one.

“We’re excited free agency is upon us,” says the Jets head coach… and he should be.  This team has holes, and needs the kind of mending one draft class can’t fix.  The unrestricted free agency period begins March 12th, plus the 2013 NFL Draft on April 25th rapidly approaches.  Rex goes on to say “the personnel department is doing a tremendous job,” but I’ll withhold my evaluation of them until I see a little more.

One topic that will continue to dominate this offseason, the Darrelle Revis situation, and whether or not the organization will open discussions on a potential contract extension.  John Idzik and Rex Ryan were peppered with questions about their All-Pro cornerback during the conference call, all answered in the same general manner.  “We won’t really discuss contractual things publicly,” said Idzik, trumpeting the company line.  They may not be talking contract, but they are keeping tabs on Darrelle’s rehab, commenting that Revis “…is doing well, he’s ahead of schedule.”

The team continues to talk positive when it comes to their recovering cornerback, and are “very fortunate we have a player like Darrelle on our team,” according to Idzik.  With respect to Revis’s effect not just on the team, but on “the building,” the Jets new GM responded that “we’re anxious to get him back in the building, back with his teammates.”

-Joseph Haas, Editor