Darrelle Revis, the team’s “best player” must feel like an unwanted man with rumors that the New York Jets are looking to move him.  The all-world cornerback showed a little frustration during his interview with Andrea Kremer on the NFL Network, and even let loose on twitter in a back-and-forth with Seattle’s Richard Sherman.  I can understand his frustration… or can I?

Darrelle Revis will likely report to camp on-time because of that clause in his contract that would extend it by three years if he didn’t, but he’ll play this year for a mere $6 million.  That’s HALF of what he’s looking for in a long-term deal.  It’s no secret that the team is putting out feelers and attempting to gauge the market, per reports.  It’s also been reported that GM John Idzik and HC Rex Ryan had conversations with agents at the 2013 NFL Combine, but avoided contact with anyone representing Revis.  Revis said “I want answers,” but I think the proverbial writing is on the wall… the team is thinking of life without him.

The Jets have a few options, but using the franchise tag is not one of them (another poison pill in the contract).  The team can do nothing, let Revis play out the year at a discount and let him go on his way at the end of the season.  In this scenario, the team loses a great player for absolutely nothing.  Even the most lopsided of trades would be better than that outcome, though I’m starting to feel this scenario playing out.  The Jets could open up those lines of communication and get a deal done that would keep him in green and white for the foreseeable future, however I can’t see a team that’s so cash-strapped and talent-deficient putting all their eggs in one basket.  The only chance Revis has of staying with the team is to compromise a bit, and work with the front office.  This team just can’t afford him!

-Joseph Haas, Editor

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