CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: In this week’s edition of the Green & White Show with Joseph Haas & Jinx Grand, your hosts discuss where the Jets go from here! The organization is in full rebuilding mode, no matter what they say.  Rex Ryan says the team isn’t actively shopping Darrelle Revis?  How true is that, really? We discuss Rex’s plans for 2013 and more in What Jets Said.


In the Great Debate, your hosts give their take on recent NFL rule changes.  The Tuck Rule is no longer, and the Crown Rule will cost offenders 15 yards from the spot of the foul.  Let us know what you think of the NFL’s new rule and what it does for player safety.


In Rumors, Rosters & the Rest, your hosts ponder Matt Flynn in Green and White, as well as what is taking so long for the Bucs and Jets to come to an agreement on Revis. What are the moves the team will need to make in order to play competitive football in 2013, your host kick that around and more.


-Joseph Haas,


The Green & White Show is a part of the Fan vs. Fan Radio Network.  Your hosts Joseph Haas and Jinx Grand bring you colorful commentary on the latest news and notes from the team that calls Florham Park its home.  The New York Jets have played a lot of games since Joe Namath guaranteed that victory in Super Bowl III; how many more games will they play before they play in their next one?  We follow the team on their journey for a championship, bringing you a football Sunday feel every Saturday!