It’s still the Green & White Show with Joseph Haas (@JerseyHaas) & Amiri Tulloch (@AmiriTulloch) and we’re still bringing you that football Sunday feel every Saturday afternoon!!  We celebrate with some great Jets talk. We work in some baseball as well, but don’t neglect the two sports getting ready for postseason play (NHL & NBA).  With the big Manny Pacquiao/Timothy Bradley rematch, we couldn’t let the show end without bringing you a preview from Vegas!               


We’re joined this week by (in order of appearance):


Honored to have my younger brother Eugene join us!! Love you bro!


Ciro DeSimone (@JetsFan0523) of the C and C Football Factory Show.


Lauren Beasley (@LBeasley313) Radio One Detroit (Contributor & Producer/Board Op)


Matt Snyder (@MattSnyderCBS) Writer for Eye On Baseball, you can find that at


Bryan Benway (@BryanBenway) of Yahoo! Sports Radio and host of The Final Score


Check out my idea for the extra point HERE




On 3/10/2013, I wrote this --> & it looks like #MLB got the message!!! -->



We hope you listen and enjoy another edition of the Green And White Show with Joseph Haas and Amiri Tulloch!!!  Thank YOU for helping us get the show 50… and BEYOND!!!!






Joseph Haas,


The Green & White Show is a part of the Fan vs. Fan Radio Network.  Your hosts Joseph Haas and Amiri Tulloch bring you colorful commentary on the latest news and notes from the team that calls Florham Park its home.  The New York Jets have played a lot of games since Joe Namath guaranteed that victory in Super Bowl III; how many more games will they play before they play in their next one?  We follow the team on their journey for a championship, bringing you a football Sunday feel EVERY Saturday afternoon!