In this week’s edition of the Green & White Show with Joseph Haas & Jinx Grand, your hosts get you ready for the Green and White scrimmage later in the day.  The glorified New York Jets practice session hosted nearly 6,000 football-hungry fans!  We discuss the players we’re focusing on.  RBs like Mike Goodsen, Chris Ivory & Joe McKnight won’t play, which leaves the position open for guys like Bilal Powell, John Griffin and Chad Spann to show their stuff.  The Jets still aren’t giving details on Goodsen’s “excused” absence, and it’s looking more like a substance-abuse rehabilitation program situation.  Will Goodsen be a member of the team when they line up against the Tampa Bay Bucs in Week 1?  We give our takes on the RBs, WRs, TEs and the QB competition, as all were on display against the much-hyped frontline of the first-team defense.     


In What Jets Said, Jets HC Rex Ryan puts rumors to bed, and announces that the team will feature the Wildcat as part of its offensive attack.  Geno Smith will run some plays from the Wildcat whether he wins the starting job or not.  How do you feel about Geno running the Wildcat?  We give our take on what he would gain from running the Wildcat, especially since he didn’t do much running at West Virginia!  Do the Jets have the offensive line needed to move the ball with a rushing QB?  Is making Geno a runner a good idea?  Wouldn’t the Jets be a better team if Geno Smith was dazzling us with his arm and not his legs?  We’re still waiting on Chris Ivory to dazzle us in camp, as he’s managing a gimpy hamstring.  So far, both additions to the RB position have yet to show what they can offer.  I thought a shortage at the RB position would & should lead the team to hold Powell back in the scrimmage; Gang Green disagrees as he sees a ton of action out of the backfield on Saturday.  Powell proved to be one of the best players in pads during the Green and White scrimmage.  


In Rumors, Roster & The Rest, players that aren’t here dominate the early part of the discussion.  Santonio Holmes & Mike Goodsen won’t play in the scrimmage, and we wonder how long it will be before we see them in uniform.  Hacking the NYJ for us is our player-expert Nolan Hack (@NolanHack).  This week, we discuss the TEs and the offensive line.  He gives his take on Kellen Winslow Jr. and Jeff Cumberland, telling us how he sees them contributing in 2013.  He tells us what he sees in an offensive line that will need to improve from its poor performance last season.  Whichever QB wins the job, this offensive line will need to provide a clean pocket, and the kind of push off the snap that allows for downhill running.  We tackle all these questions and more… in this week’s edition of Hackin’ the NYJ.


Lauren Beasley (@LBeasley313) joins us for The Rest Report, where she updates us on the other teams in the AFC East.  This week, we start with the Buffalo Bills and their budding QB controversy as reports have Kevin Kolb performing poorly, and EJ Manuel turning heads.  Kolb slips on a wet mat, and stumbles even further behind Manuel in the eyes of coaches.  Where does Lauren stand on who the eventual starter will be in Buffalo?  She gets into that topic, as well as Miami’s Mike Wallace.  What is it about Wallace’s game that has her skeptical?  We almost never go a show without a Tim Tebow mention, as we ask where he fits into the Pat’s offensive plans for 2013.  Can Miami challenge for the AFC East division crown, or will it be another party in New England at the end of the regular season?  Today’s extra point question allows Lauren to give her take and add perspective on Riley Cooper’s insensitive comments made public earlier this week… all in The Rest Report with Lauren Beasley.


Before we hit the seriousness of the Great Debate, we couldn’t go without acknowledging the 2013 Hall of Fame class which includes great men like Bill Parcells, Cris Carter, Larry Allen, Jonathan Ogden & Warren Sapp.  Some were long overdue, and all were very appreciative!


In the Great Debate, we give our takes on Riley Cooper’s hurtful and hateful comments caught on tape, and bring the conversation close to home!  Jinx gives an extremely personal take on race and sports, and the view through his eyes.  We review Cooper’s apology and the response by the Eagles.  I give an example from my everyday life that lends a little perspective to our debate, and illustrates how a word can be hurtful to some, while just another word to others.  Maybe I’m off, but I make a pitch for how we can use the ugliness of Cooper’s comments to become more aware of how this commercially-used word can be stripped of its power.  Could the start of Black History Month be an appropriate place for an Awareness Day, a day where we mute hurtful language that is deemed disparaging to all types of people?… We discuss that and more on this week’s edition of the Green And White Show with Joseph Haas and Jinx Grand!  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN and enjoy!!




Sports Talk w/ L-Beasley Episode 92 with co-host Joseph Haas


-Joseph Haas,


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