It’s still the Green & White Show with Joseph Haas (@JerseyHaas) & Amiri Tulloch (@AmiriTulloch) and we’re still bringing you that football Sunday feel every Saturday afternoon!!  Back on the air after two weeks off and we pull no punches.  At the top of the show, we’re joined by Ciro DeSimone (@Jetsfan0523) of the C and C Football Factory for an engaging and informative conversation cover a number of topics, including that Perfect Swarm defense and how the New York Jets can build on the success of 2013.    


In What Jets Said, we hear from CB Antonio Cromartie and Commissioner Roger Goodell on the topic of marijuana and league rules.  Click the link below and hear how we react to comments by both.


Both Cromartie and Santonio Holmes carry heavy salary cap numbers going into 2014; we discuss whether the Jets keep both by renegotiating their contracts, or cut ties with both.  Both would admit they had subpar seasons, but are they worth the continued investment, or should GM John Idzik turn the page on Cro and Holmes.  Click the link below and enjoy the discussion. 


In the Great Debate, we’re joined by Dennis Agapito (@Dennis_Agapito) of as we discuss who should stay, who should go, and who the Jets should go get!  We go in-depth into potential roster moves, and the job GM Idzik will need to do to keep the team moving in a forward direction.  We recap the Super Bowl, discuss our favorite free agents, and I throw Amiri in the box for a couple of minutes of great hockey talk as Team USA leaves Sochi without a medal.  All that, and a whole lot more on this week’s edition of the Green And White Show with Joseph Haas and Amiri Tulloch!






Joseph Haas,


The Green & White Show is a part of the Fan vs. Fan Radio Network.  Your hosts Joseph Haas and Amiri Tulloch bring you colorful commentary on the latest news and notes from the team that calls Florham Park its home.  The New York Jets have played a lot of games since Joe Namath guaranteed that victory in Super Bowl III; how many more games will they play before they play in their next one?  We follow the team on their journey for a championship, bringing you a football Sunday feel EVERY Saturday afternoon!