In this week’s edition of the Green & White Show with Joseph Haas & Jinx Grand, your hosts kick things off with a quick discussion on the release of the training camp schedule.  It’ll be the first chance for the 2013 New York Jets to see what they look like in pads.  What will we see when the team finally hits the field?  We talk about the players we can’t wait to see at training camp.  We all know the QB competition will be front and center, but we take a look at the pass-catchers.  With some recovering from injury, will they be game-shape by WEEK 1?  Will they develop the cohesion it takes to run a precision passing offense like the one OC Marty Mornhinweg plans on installing?     


In What Jets Said, we analyze an article by’s Rich Cimini, where he outlines some veteran Jets he considers “on the bubble” in terms of making the 2013 roster.  Could it really be the end of the line for players like Vladimir Ducasse, Greg McElroy, Clyde Gates, Bilal Powell and Konrad Reuland?  We take this article head-on and give our take on what the Jets look like with, or without, a few of these players.  The conversation turns up a notch when it comes to the expendability of Konrad Reuland.  Should the Jets let him go now that they’ve signed Kellen Winslow Jr.?  Are they really similar players as some, including Cimini, insist?  Enjoy the passionate conversation on the topic!


In Rumors, Roster & The Rest, touch on Mark Sanchez’s bare bottom!  Not literally of course, but we give our take on a video of the Jets QB letting it all hang out for the cameras during a little fun-time with some houseguests.  It’s another less-than-flattering depiction of Mark Sanchez, but at least the butt featured in this instance… was his own!  Hacking the NYJ for us is our player-expert Nolan Hack (@NolanHack), this week we discuss Sheldon Richardson and if he can play all three downs on that defensive line.  Could he be a playmaker at the NFL level?  Nolan gives us some pros and cons to Richardson’s game, and whether or not his style of play can be effective with his diminutive size for his position.  Some pre-draft analysis by compared Richardson to JJ Watt coming out of college, does Nolan agree?  Which defensive star does he believe Richardson resembles? Do you agree?


Lauren Beasley (@LBeasley313) joins us for The Rest Report, where she updates us on the other teams in the AFC East.  This week we focus the report on the continuing developments in the Aaron Hernandez investigation, and the horrific new details in this case.  On the day Oldin Llyod is laid to rest, we outline some of the new charges in the case, as well as some of the alleged motives for his murder by Hernandez.  As the New England Patriots continue their very overt campaign to distance the franchise from everything Hernandez, the team announces a jersey buy-back for next weekend, where they will accept any Hernandez jersey in exchange for another Patriots jersey. As we bring it back to the field, Lauren dissects the team’s options at TE for the upcoming season.  She gives her take on aggression and NFL, plus whether or not she thinks the NFL has an image problem… all in The Rest Report with Lauren Beasley.


In the Great Debate, we tackle a topic in popular media, aggressive behavior and NFL players.  We’ve been inundated with numbers portraying NFL players as more deviant than other athletes, and offend at a higher rate than the general population.  I’m sure these are numbers the NFL does not like to hear.  Has the proliferation of social media exacerbated the problem?  Is it just easier for all of us to access the information on arrest after arrest in real-time? Does the spotlight shine brighter on NFL players because it’s the most popular sport?  Are we too quick to blame the game of football and not the individual?  Just because football is a violent game doesn’t mean all its participants are violent people.  We revisit the Donte Stallworth case as another example of an NFL player and loss of life, a topic we will hear far too much of with the Aaron Hernandez case and its developments.  Lastly, we bring up an age-old question; should athletes be role models… we discuss that and more on this week’s edition of the Green And White Show with Joseph Haas and Jinx Grand!  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN and enjoy!!


-Joseph Haas,


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