In this week’s edition of the Green & White Show with Joseph Haas & Jinx Grand, your hosts get to talk about some ACTUAL football action.  The New York Jets took on the Detroit Lions in their first preseason game.  With everything going on with the Jets roster, winning the game wasn’t as important as seeing what some of the new players looked like, as well as getting through the game without injury.  QB Geno Smith sprains an ankle and RB John Griffin breaks his leg, both positions the Jets can’t afford the injury-bug to bite.  Geno Smith won’t miss any practice time, but John Griffin’s injury puts more pressure on a player like Bilal Powell.  Right now, he’s the team’s number-one option at RB, with Chris Ivory working on the stationary bike and Mike Goodsen still missing-in-action.  The Jets still aren’t giving details on Goodsen’s “excused” absence, and it’s looking more like a substance-abuse rehabilitation program situation to me.


All eyes were focused squarely on the battle for the starting QB spot, and Mark Sanchez didn’t start as good as he finished, even though both passes went for touchdowns.  His first pass, a potential screen, was snatched out of the air by rookie-defender Ziggy Ansah and taken back for the opening score of the ballgame.  Credit to Sanchez, he kept his head and led the team on a pretty drive, ending in a Jeff Cumberland touchdown reception (but not after ALMOST throwing a second interception, if not for Kellen Winlsow, Jr. breaking up the sure pick!).  Geno Smith didn’t throw a touchdown, but he didn’t throw any interceptions either.  He performed adequately, but we should see more from him in a start next week versus the Jaguars than we saw against the Lions.  As mentioned earlier, Geno left the game with an ankle sprain, courtesy of some iffy turf in one analyst’s humble opinion.  Powell looked very average, but the TEs made plays and it was good to see fewer drops from the WRs!  The penalties need to stop; no team can survive with eleven a game!     


In What Jets Said, we take on a “fan” tweet sent to Mark Sanchez, and his reaction to it.  Social media has given fans access to their favorite players like never before, but it’s also made it easier for some to send hate-filled messages to these same athletes.  We discuss the tweet, a prior tweet where a fan offered Mark a cup of cyanide-filled coffee, and why fans should really think before they press send.  Fan reaction was the theme of this segment, as we touch on Antonio Cromartie calling the fans booing Sanchez at the Green and White scrimmage “bull-crap”.  Jets HC Rex Ryan gives his opinion on fans, and the booing of Sanchez.  What are the Jets going to do to turn those boos into cheers?  If The Lions game was at MetLife, would Sanchez have kept his head and scored on that third drive after a pick-six in the first drive… and almost throwing another interception on the second drive?  Could he have played through the booing?  Sanchez was handed the stating job with zero competition… Geno Smith WILL grow as a QB because of the struggle, and this experience versus Sanchez for the starting job.  We discuss why!   


In Rumors, Roster & The Rest, we get into the rumors that the starting QB job is Geno Smith’s job to lose.  He didn’t dazzle in his first exhibition game, and he did exit early but should have more time with the first-team in his start next week against Jacksonville.  Hacking the NYJ for us is our player-expert Nolan Hack (@NolanHack).  This week, we discuss the RBs.  He gives his take on Chris Ivory’s value to this team, and why it’s vital he get off the trainer’s table and onto the practice field.  Nolan breaks down Bilal Powell, dissects his strengths and his weaknesses.   Joe McKnight, recovering from a head injury, leaves the Jets with very few options at RB.  Who does Nolan suggest the Jets sign immediately?  He makes several great points for this player joining the roster, and it’s hard to disagree with him!  We tackle all and more… in this week’s edition of Hackin’ the NYJ.


Lauren Beasley (@LBeasley313) joins us for The Rest Report, where she updates us on the other teams in the AFC East.  This week, we start with the New England Patriots and Tim Tebow’s performance in his first preseason game under Coach Belichick.  Lauren breaks down the Pats and the problems they continue to have in the secondary.  Next, we discuss Ryan Tannehill, and what we should see in his sophomore season as the starter in Miami.  Does Matt Moore actually have a chance at starting for the Dolphins?  It’s all QBs this week as we jump into EJ Manuel and the Buffalo Bills.  Kolb slips on a wet mat, and won’t play versus the Colts, so we should see a lot of what made Manuel the first QB selected in the 2013 NFL Draft.  Today’s extra point question allows Lauren to give her take on her Detroit Lions… all in The Rest Report with Lauren Beasley.


In the Great Debate, we give our takes on the Jets decision at quarterback.  Who should it be… Mark Sanchez, or the rookie?  It seems like the fans are ready for anybody BUT Mark Sanchez, but if he IS the best option coming out of camp, he’s going to be your starter.  We hit the pros and cons of each getting the nod.  Who do YOU think will be the starter on WEEK 1?… We discuss that and more on this week’s edition of the Green And White Show with Joseph Haas and Jinx Grand!  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN and enjoy!!




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