In this week’s edition of the Green & White Show with Joseph Haas & Jinx Grand, your hosts (one late arriving, sorry) preview the matchup with the New York football Giants.  The New York Jets started Geno Smith, and played him through three quarters. What happens next… no pregame show could have predicted!!  One of those pressers you’ll see over and over again.  Could that be Rex’s last postgame presser as HC of the NYJ?  Let’s go back to the decision to bring in Mark Sanchez early in the fourth quarter, a decision Rex Ryan would love to have over again.  After a shaky start from Geno Smith, the team seemed set to play Matt Simms for the remainder of the game.  A quick huddle with Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez was warming up and getting ready to go behind center.  Behind the second string offensive line and facing pass-rushers hell-bent on securing a roster spot, Mark Sanchez entered the game with a target on his back.  The entire show seems prophetic of what was to come…


Watching Mark Sanchez take hit after hit from the moment he entered the game, reminded me of the clip we’ve seen hundreds of times with LT saying they’re “like a pack of wild dogs out there” and Sanchez was packing a back-pocket full of bacon (like Jack Nicholson’s character from As Good As It Gets).  Some will focus on Marvin Austin’s pad-rattling hit, but I’d look at the play before, where Sanchez is leveled by Giants LB Kyle Bosworth.  Sanchez gets up slow and works his shoulder into place before the next snap, where Austin introduces himself to the Jets QB.  To Sanchez’s credit, the roll out and pass to an open Massaquoi was brilliant.  Rex Ryan said in his presser and I agree, it may have been Mark’s best play of the preseason… and for him to end it sprawled on the turf at MetLife was tragic.


What was Mark Sanchez doing out there?  That’s what everyone wanted to know, including the press pool awaiting Rex Ryan for his postgame dialogue.  Rex’s behavior, I understand his ire at the questioning from the reporters, but his behavior… just didn’t come-off as that of a rationale and thinking leader of men.  It came off more defensive, like the kid caught with his face full of crumbs and his hand halfway in the cookie jar, but adamant he’d had no cookies!!  Rex took full responsibility for Sanchez being out there, a man who’s said over and over his focus would be on the defense, made the sudden decision to throw Sanchez in a game he didn’t look like he was going to play in.  One rapid warm-up session, Sanchez was in there.  After two drives, the Jets QB competition went from either-or to OMG as Sanchez lay there writhing in pain.


Geno Smith wasn’t good, and stepping out of the back of endzone wasn’t his finest moment.  He didn’t look ready, but may have to be if Mark Sanchez’s shoulder can’t be put back together again!  Bright spot, that defensive line!  Kendrick Ellis recovering from a back he injured while lifting weights, no problem, insert Damon Harrison into the lineup.  It was great to see SNACKS getting some against the Giants.  We mentioned him in our last show, and it was great to see him show up when called upon.  Sheldon Richardson was lined up all over the front seven and was very effective and honorable mentions the Calvin Pace and Dawan Landry for a good game.  After Antonio Cromartie tweeked his hip, Kyle Wilson was exposed by Hakeem Nicks as a subpar DB in coverage.  Someone tell Kyle he’s gotta get that head around after running downfield with a WR or he’ll see yellow all night long.  Whichever QB eventually takes the snaps for the Jets, Ryan Spadola has shown he’s adequate enough to be on the receiving end of them.


Lauren Beasley (@LBeasley313) joins us in this week’s edition of The Rest Report, where she updates us on the other teams in the AFC East.  EJ Manuel has minor surgery and will miss the rest of the preseason.  Kevin Kolb catches a knee to the back of the head against Washington, and now the Bills are looking for depth at the position.  Matt Leinart appears to be on their radar according to reports.  Dion Jordan of the Dolphins is on our radar, will he have an impact in 2013?  We get into the Pats weak performance against the Lions, and give Lauren a chance to talk a little Detroit Tigers!  We tackle all in this week’s edition of The Rest Report, as I take the snaps for our friend Lauren Beasley.


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Congratulations to Jinx Grand, as he’ll be interviewing young Jets fans at MetLife Stadium for the New York Jets!!


In the Great Debate, we give our takes on hot topics in sports this week.  ARod gets plunked by Ryan Dempster after three failed attempts.  JG and I have NEVER disagreed on a topic more than we have here!  Sit back and enjoy two relatively fun-loving hosts take the gloves off and bare-knuckle box this topic out!!  Please be advised: Neither host was injured in the production of this segment!  The Crown Rule, and the enforcement of the new rule, squeezes its way into the final segment of the show.  We discuss all and more on this week’s edition of the Green And White Show with Joseph Haas and Jinx Grand!  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN and enjoy!!





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